Overweight Shopping Trauma!

Tale of a misfit lost somewhere between size zero and plus size

Sauntering through the aisles of the garment section in a shopping mall, my eyes get drawn to a cute pink and grey tee. I immediately signal to my friend who is busy checking out skirts and in a second, she is by my side anticipating my need for validation for a new purchase. I get into the stall, wear the tee and to my surprise, I look nothing like the model on the poster – petite and feminine. The tee enhances all my features – none of them considered acceptable by a stretch – belly fat and love handles galore! The validation I need slips out of my friend’s mouth: “How come this dress looks so bad on you?”

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Welcome to the OST riddled world of an overweight shopper –a misfit lost somewhere between size zero and plus size. A species on the verge of extinction in the fashion world that they don’t even figure as an afterthought! For any woman not confining to the “ideal size”, shopping has become a traumatic experience. You go for vacation shopping, see a lovely pair of shorts, but they are so short and tight that it obstinately refuses to button up on your tummy and gives an “enviable” view of your thunder thighs. Does it mean that only “perfectly” proportioned women go on vacation? You search all over the real and virtual world for something loose and comfy and end up finding solace in guy shorts as they are the closest to what you want!

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What about professional dresses? The pants that you loved are so tight around the crotch and buttocks that it shouts unprofessionalism! Don’t get me started on party wear – even with multiple spanx, fasting for days and holding your breath, the dress refuses to come down your bosom even after much coaxing and cussing. Finally, I have found my comfort in maternity dresses, purchasing and altering them as per my need. My guilty pleasure is raiding my husband’s wardrobe, so that he is perpetually confounded by the decrease in his neatly organized clothing pile.

This is purely my personal account. Feel free to share your shopping stories!


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